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Rangala is small village about 15km off Theldeniya and 40 km off Kandy.  Traveling from Kandy, you could go upto Theldeniya and taking the Werapitiya Road for 15 km will bring you this location. Alternatively you could reach it though Katugasthota – Madawala and Huluganga which is a more picturesque route where you will also come across number of other waterfalls such as Huluganga Ella and Kosgama Ella. The location of the pool is marked by a small bridge over the Kotaganga, originating from Knuckles mountain range.

The pool can be seen just above the bridge. Crystal clear water calmly flowing through two boulders creates this inviting pool. You can also see the bottom covered in pebbles with only few inches of water on the side closer to the bridge. At the far end a small waterfall brings water in to this pool. The danger of this natural pool lies here with a depth reaching over 30 feet.

At least 4 deaths have been reported at this pool after being publicized on social media in 2017. The bodies were stuck so deep, Navy divers had to be utilized to locate and bring the bodies out in some instances. Therefore its strongly advised not to bath in this pool. In addition, the flow of the water can change rapidly based on the rainfall on the catchment regions.

There is a foot path next to the bridge which you could walk up along the stream. More natural pools created by rocks and boulders can be found long this stream.